15 reasons to date your Pret crush

Whether you can see go to each and every morning for your flat white or cannot resist managing yourself to a classy mozzarella cheese and pickle, you are probably already in an in depth union with Pret. Exactly what regarding their workers? We asked all of our friends at Pret A Manger to share 15 factors why you should consider matchmaking certainly their downline

1. They understand how to make an ideal latte

Say good-bye towards instant coffee-and hello to Pret’s organic latte. It is Pret’s most widely used coffee in the world, so that you realize that your go out can be specialized barista.

2. They have a 50percent rebate on food

Your favourite sandwich for half the cost?! Say forget about.

3. They like to smile

Pret downline are famous for their smiles – also at 8am on a Tuesday. You are able to depend on them to raise your mood if you are feeling down.

4. They understand to make other individuals smile

If you’ve been fortunate receive anything without Pret, you’ll know they’re encouraged to distribute a little happiness through providing a hot beverage or treat regarding the house. It really is everything about random acts of kindness.

5. They’ll always remind you to definitely simply take a reusable mug (and save 50p!)

Environmentally mindful? Pret doubled their own discount for clients who present a reusable glass at the start of this current year. If they can save you the world while spending less, certainly meaning they may be a keeper?

6. They’re very tidy

Anyone who’s worked in a restaurant knows essential it is maintain everything tidy and neat – a trait that everyone would like in a partner!

7. They are going to be up to date on newest drink and food trends

Get willing to impress your pals together with your detailed knowledge of turmeric lattes, triggered charcoal, and whole milk options.

8. They are hard working

Whether it is a young or belated move, they’re usually working. They truly are in addition going places; Pret associates progress rapidly thanks to the organizations exceptional courses at Pret Academy.

9. They’ll motivate you

And will start your sight to your great things about assisting others – Pret donates any unsold food to regional homeless charities after everyday.

10. They get a weekly bonus

So, you are set for multiple added goodies!

11. They have a good memory

Most Pret baristas can bear in mind as much as 14 different requests simultaneously, to rest easy once you understand they’re going to keep in mind any family members’ brands.

12. They are able to communicate with anyone

Making men and women feel comfortable and focusing on how to have a chat to almost everyone else will come naturally to a Pret staff member, and that means you’ll never have to bother about making them in a bedroom full of your friends.

13. They truly are team players

Relationships involve teamwork, so it is important to know that you can always depend on your partner. Pret’s key ingredient is its people and teamwork is an essential part of their achievements.

14. They are aware tips multi-task

…which is an admirable skill in anybody!

15. It works well under pressure

They are designed for a queue of customers and 14 different coffee sales without busting a sweat.